Monday, February 20, 2012

Supertramp Joe

Joe Möhle recently returned from his adventure in Morocco and had the following to say about his trip:

"Flew in to Marrakech and overnighted there to get an early morning bus to Tafraoute.

Spent one week in Tafraoute:

Bolted a new route (remains unclimbed for future visitors), Cycled around the spectacular mountains and desert. Repeats of hard traditional climbs ("Negro Azabache" 28/7c, onsight and "Lover's Crack" 29/7c+, flash) plus many routes in the 18-25 range. And joined a big desert rave party with gypsies!

Travelled to the High Atlas, again via Marrakech

Spent one week in the High Atlas, Jbel Toubkhal region:

Opened a new moderate grade alpine route on Biguinoussene north ridge with British climber Kelvin Mann. Climbed Jbel Toubkhal 4167m, the highest peak in North Africa. Spent a few days trekking around these beautiful alpine peaks. Drank loads of sweet tea with the local mountain guides. Tried my best to make an appearance on a Maltese reality TV show to no avail :)

The background for the route in the video: Negro Azabache is situated on one of the famous Painted Rocks in the middle of nowhere. The route was just the easiest to film, being a sit start to a short route. although including the roof it climbs about 12m of crack. Compared to some ADK or Colenso cracks it seemed a bit soft but on par with many others I've done. but who cares... The rocks were painted in 1984 by a mad Belgian artist. He drove in about 20 tons of pink, black and blue paint in fire trucks and went wild! Usually I would consider that sort of thing pollution, but I grew strangely fond of the colourful rocks during the desert rave party :)"


Another angle of Joe's onsight of the same route, courtesy of Florian Schmale, a crazy German cycling through Morocco:

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