Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Like a Capie

Check out a fun little clip of a bunch of former Durbanites trying to earn their place in the Cape Town bouldering scene...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kleinmond Rock Rally 2012

The Kleinmond Rock Rally returned this year under the organisation of Warren Gans from RAM mountaineering, and featured both sport climbs and boulder problems in the line-up for the first time. The format offered two categories; a normal "open" category allowing competitors to focus on sending the hardest climbs possible, and an "under grade 23" category for those planning a high volume day.
The winning team in the "open" category, Team Jumar, consisting of Julia Chen and Marijus Šmigelskis, was the only team to climb both routes and boulders and won with a convincing margin. Both climbers managed to climb the hardest existing routes, "Percolator" 30 and "Wings of Glory" 28, as well as all of the hardest problems at the crag. Most impressive was the fact that Julia climbed both "Percolator" 30 and "Wings of Glory" 28 on her second try, and also managed a flash of "Talon Sanctuary" 7B. Visiting Tasmanians Claire and Kim climbed well to take second place.

The "open" category:
1 Jumar (Julia and Marijus) 12335
2 Team Tassie (Claire and Kim) 8740
3 Alan and Llewelyn 3760
4 Eastern Europeans (Aleksander and Maciej) 2100

The "under 23" was the most popular category, won by Kevin and Cormac:
1 Sexy Slab Slayers (Kevin and Cormac) 3550
2 Winelands Angels (Brenda and Toni) 2740
3 Amaaaaaazing (Renee and Jane) 2120
4 Grizzly Adams (Johnny and Andrew) 1760
5 Lord of the Slings (Juli and Cuan) 1560
6 Boer (Ihan and Andre) 1300
7 Huff ‘n’ Puff (Hagen and Alexander) 960
8 Team A (Johann Papendorf) 640
9 Kirsten and Meghan 640

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crimps in the Cape

Arjan de Kock had a fairly successful winter in Topside climbing "Koeberg" and "Black Hawk Down" , both 8A+, and flashing "Malboro Man" 8A. He then went on to nab the first ascent of "Skobbejak" 8B and make repeats of two of Topside's three existing 8B+'s, "A Simple Knowing" and "Mirta".

Benjamin de Charmoy claimed repeats of "The Midnight Barber" 8A and "In Search of the New Sound" 8A+/8B as well as the old school classic "Boogie Nights" 8A+.

Rachelle de Charmoy managed to make the second female ascent of "War of the Worlds" 7C at The Cinema in Topside

Monday, August 13, 2012

Internationals: The Rocklands Post 6


"Royksopp" 8A
"Gliding through waves like dolphins" 8A
"Black Shadow" 8A+
"Brown Shadow" 8A
"The flying Burito Brothers" 8B First Ascent
"Peahi" 8A+ FA
"Oliphants Dawn" 8B+ first repeat

Monday, August 6, 2012

Internationals: The Rocklands Post 5

"Golden Shadow" 8B+
"Pinotage" 7C
"Springback"  or a line near that? 8A/8B?
"A Splash of Red" 7C+
"Orange Heart" 6C
"In between dreams" 7C+