Thursday, December 29, 2005

Johannes at Redhill

At Redhill, Johannes Schlemper from Germany has opened a new problem which reverses "Elfen Lied". He has named it "The Untitled Symphony of Self Destruction" 7C+, the problem starts as for Vajra and tops out just before the start of "Elfen Lied".

Then, returning a few sessions later to the clean wall opposite "Elfen Lied", Johannes added another crimp-testpiece. "Black Demon" 7C, starts as for "Soaring Bandicoot" but then climbs up and right, up the slightly overhanging, rippled face. Check out the sequence below:

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Redhill Boulder Day 2005

The Redhill Boulder Day went pretty well and had a decent turnout despite the inaccurate weather reports. Top spot in the mens category went to Silas Kruger and the womens category was dominated by Kirsti Meyer. Thanks to City Rock, SA Mountain Magazine and the Esterhuizens for sponsoring the prizes.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Destroyer of Worlds

Emile Esterhuizen has opened the lastest Redhill testpeice at the Vanilla Sky area on the Starship Enterprise boulder. "The Destroyer of Worlds" 7C+ climbs a small roof to a crux on the lip and onto a blank slab.

Friday, September 2, 2005

New Redhill Moderates

At Redhill, Edvinas Šmigelskis established 3 more problems on the "Flying Wombat" boulder. First he managed to grab the first ascent of a very technical traverse from Emile and Marijus, which he called "Rolling Stones" 7B+. He then added two slightly eliminate problems on the prow, "Usoske" 7A+, and "The World is Out to Get Me" 7B+.

Emile Esterhuizen and Edvinas also opened a few more problems on a few newly discovered boulders at the Vanilla Sky area. Emile opened a cool roof problem, "Rodin" at about 6C+ and Edvinas opened the awesome "Blackjack" 7A, and "9mm" 6C+ as well as a 6C highball called "Starship Enterprise".

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Mushroom Projects Sent!

Visiting american climber Zach Levitt spent a day at Redhill and managed to open one of the projects at the Mushroom area. "Wild Wild West" is a two move problem just left of Anarchy. The problem originally received a grade of 7C+, but after a few fast repeats by more climbers, 7B seems to be more accurate.

A few meters away, Edvinas Šmigelskis managed to open the long standing sitstart project to "Flaming Pig". This currently makes it one of the hardest problems at the Mushroom area, graded at 7C.

Friday, July 1, 2005

Vajra additions

Emile Esterhuizen opened a few more problems at Redhill, near the Vajra boulder. He added a harder finnish to "Dark Lord Sharon", naming it "Shark Lord Darren", this ups the grade to 7B. He also did a low sit start to Silas Kruger's problem "Schwann Ping" 7A, now somewhat harder, and then opened his new project, calling it "The Hobbit" and it receives a grade of 7C. Marijus Šmigelskis repeated the problems shortly after, confirming the grades.

Emile on "The Hobbit"

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Voodoo Thursday

At TDA, Marijus Šmigelskis managed to open one of the last remaining lines. "Voodoo Thursday" 7C+, starts as for "Invisible Monsters" and moves right straight away to the start of "Fatman" and tops out as for that problem.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Martinengo and Reed

Clinton Martinengo opened two new problems at the boulders of CBD. Both problems have the same start and the same finish, except that "The Contents" 7C+, uses slopey holds on the arete, while the harder slightly eliminate version "The Handbag" 8A, does not.

Just before moving to the UK, Craig Reed managed to add a sit start to "Swim Coach" at the classroom late one the evening using a head lamp. This ups the problem significantly to 7C+.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

On that FAAAAR Ridge!

Clinton Martinengo re-visited his problem "Drag Queen" at the Topside and managed to add a harder sit start, uping the grade to 7C+ and called it "Drag King". He then moved to the Lookout and opened a problem left of "Fit Birds" which he named "Great Escape" and also graded it 7C+.

Sunday, February 6, 2005

Redhill's Hardest!

At Redhill, on the Vajra boulder, Emile Esterhuizen opened "Elfen Lied". The line traverses a steep face on poor slopers and crimps. Although he refuses to grade the problem, those that have tried it think it's somewhere near the 8A mark, which would make it the area's hardest problem.