Sunday, July 31, 2005

Mushroom Projects Sent!

Visiting american climber Zach Levitt spent a day at Redhill and managed to open one of the projects at the Mushroom area. "Wild Wild West" is a two move problem just left of Anarchy. The problem originally received a grade of 7C+, but after a few fast repeats by more climbers, 7B seems to be more accurate.

A few meters away, Edvinas Šmigelskis managed to open the long standing sitstart project to "Flaming Pig". This currently makes it one of the hardest problems at the Mushroom area, graded at 7C.

Friday, July 1, 2005

Vajra additions

Emile Esterhuizen opened a few more problems at Redhill, near the Vajra boulder. He added a harder finnish to "Dark Lord Sharon", naming it "Shark Lord Darren", this ups the grade to 7B. He also did a low sit start to Silas Kruger's problem "Schwann Ping" 7A, now somewhat harder, and then opened his new project, calling it "The Hobbit" and it receives a grade of 7C. Marijus Šmigelskis repeated the problems shortly after, confirming the grades.

Emile on "The Hobbit"