Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rocklands Origins

Please enjoy this glimpse back into time! Rare footage of Fred Nicole and friends' very first visit to what would be become the bouldering mecca of Rocklands circa 1996. Thanks to Shaun Harris,  Guy Hubbard and Rowan Toselli for helping us convert a dusty old VHS to timeless digital for everyone to enjoy...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Table Mountain National Park Access Issues

Bouldering in Table Mountain National Parks Mountain Club of South Africa Rock Climbing Committee Notice:

There have been a few reports of people being chased out of Echo Valley by South African National Parks Board (SANParks) Rangers. This is concerning given that no access issues have ever been raised by SANParks regarding bouldering in Echo Valley with the Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA). Even more concerning are the threats of arrest that some climbers have reported.

Let it be clear that SANParks have no legal grounds to stand on, in this regard. There is no legislation that prohibits bouldering in Table Mountain National Park and certainly none that sanctions arrest. It is important that the climbing community take a stand on this matter and resist intimidation by rangers. Should you be approached by any rangers in Echo Valley, or any other areas for that matter, we advise you to stand your ground and refuse to leave as giving into their demands sets a bad precedent.

The bouldering EMP which SANParks requested was submitted to SANParks in July 2012 and despite several attempts by MCSA to finalise this there has been no word from SANParks.

The only area which MCSA designated a self-imposed moratorium on was Redhill. However, this has been lifted since 1st July 2013 and SANParks was notified about this. The only area where the self-imposed moratorium remains is Easter Island in Redhill due to the sensitive nature of the environment.

We advise that you also carry the official letter signed by MCSA attached here.

In the unlikely event that you are arrested, or if you are faced with a fine (which you should not pay), report the incident immediately to MCSA (contact Delaney Carpenter on or 083 355 9933) and we will do our best to assist you.

Maintaining access to our climbing areas is paramount- we need to take a stand!