Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The other Steve Bradshaw ALSO climbs 8c...

Hot on the heels of Professor Steve Bradshaw's recent success on "Where I Stood", a 34 (that's 8c in the French grading system) in Montagu, the younger (unrelated) Steve Bradshaw sent his 8c project in China's sport-climbing mecca, Yangshuo. Global traveller Steve junior had spent a few weeks in China climbing several routes up to 8b+, but his main goal "China Climb", eluded him until the very end of his trip. Disappointed, he joined his family on a brief sailing trip to New Zealand, but fortunately made plans to return to Yangshuo after a relaxing holiday and managed to send the route! Check out more of Steve's adventures here.

Steve Bradshaw  "China Climb"  - photo courtesy of The Stangie Travelogue

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