Monday, February 13, 2012

More action

Whilst everyone is melting from the heat in South Africa, Arjan de Kock is kickin' it in France and continues to tie up his loose ends from last year's Fontainebleau trip with sends of "Partage" 8A+, the world-famous arete, and the powerful "Satan i Helvete" 8B, with much better temps this year 'round.

Harry Crews has left the working world and gone back to becoming smarter at UCT. Being a student should give him lots more time to climb and he's already taking advantage of his situation by cruising through to Montagu one weekday afternoon and cruising up "Strange Days" 31 at the Palace in true Crews style...

Not contempt with his bolt-clipping first ascent of "Life Enhancement Program" 31 at The Hole last year, Joe Möhle spent a few more session on the route and finally managed to climb it placing traditional gear. When asked why? Joe simply responded "to climb hard on trad, you have to climb hard on trad...".

 Naureen Goheer's siege on "Faberge" 28 at Fernkloof ended rather soon when she managed to send on her first try after getting to the kneebar mid crux. This was Naureen's ninth 28 or harder route!

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