Thursday, August 13, 2009

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In between attempts on "Boogie Nights", Shaun Harris has made possibly the second ascent of "Blame Canada" 7C at the Summit in Topside. The problem starts on the lip of the "Boogie Nights" cave, then campuses rightwards to join up an existing 7A+ and finishes as for that problem.

Martin Renz has provided some images of the bouldering in Alicedale, check out the gallery for more...

Julia Chen made a few trips to check out the Roysten Vasey boulder at CBD and managed some swift sends of "Bab's Cabs" 7A and "Papa Lazarou" 7B. These are first female ascent of both problems and each was sent after a single short session working the moves. Check out the CBD topos page for more bouldering info.

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