Sunday, August 30, 2009

August Ends

In Rocklands, Shaun Harris sent "Shadows of Ourselves" 7C at Kleinfontein, and Mat Rowe and Jon Reading made fast work of the classic "Crazy Leg" 7C at 8 Day Rain.

Back in Cape Town, Marijus Šmigelskis has continued cleaning up the projects at Easter Island in Redhill. This time, it was the eliminate project on the boulder next to "Storefront Cemetery". The problem is called "Tears of a Rapper" and starts on good underclings, but very poor (and high) footholds make using the underclings rather tricky. It climbs straight up an overhanging face and eliminates all footholds on the wall on the right, but it's rather obvious. The grade? Again somewhere in the 7C to 8A region.

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