Saturday, September 12, 2009

Topside repeats

Julia Chen made the first female ascent of "Shrek" 7B at the Graffitti Boulders in Echo Valley at Topside. The micro crimpy line was opened by Evan Wiercx at 7B+ and even at 7B, it does not see many ascents. Julia nearly sent the problem unexpectedly on her first try of the day, after a long break from trying the line. Later that same day, Julia headed up to Bonnydoon, where she easily sent "Full Throttle" 7A after a few tries.

At, Marijus Šmigelskis climbed "Bitter & Twisted", which is Topside's first 7C. The problem was opened by Jeremy Colenso and climbs a short blank wall with a very large span move to a tiny crimp. Marijus was just able to make the span and catch the crimp with two fingers, and managed to hold on for the long lock off to the next crimp, where the line eased off.

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