Friday, July 31, 2009

Adam Ondra in Rocklands

The South African climbing community is super hyped over the visit of Czech wonderkid Adam Ondra so a run-down of what he got up to in his week long visit to Rocklands seemed necessary.

Day 1
  • "Paula Abdul" 8A in 3 tries at the Sassies 
  • "Pinotage" 7C onsight at the Sassies 
  • "Shosholoza" 8A+ on his 2nd go at the Sassies 
  • "Splash of Red" 8A onsight at the Sassies, proposing a downgrade to 7B or 7C 
Day 3
  • "Tomorrow I'll Be Gone" 7C+ onsight at Roadcrew 
  • "The Vice" 8B FLASH at the Fortres 
  • "Armed Response" 8B FLASH at the Fortress 
  • "Out of Balance" 8A onsight at Roadside 
  • "Pendragon" 8A flash at Roadside 
Day 4
  • "Ray of Light" 8B at the Dihedral Boulders 
Day 5
  • "Derailed" 8B+ at 8 Day Rain in about an hour of work 
Adam's double 8B flashes are without a doubt one of the most remarkable feats in climbing, especially considering that "The Vice" is widely considered to be at the upper end of the 8B scale. He also spent some time trying "Sky" and "Amandla", both 8B+ as well as "The Quintessential" and "All I Need is a Smile" both 8B but was unable to send on his brief stay. In between hastily trying to show Adam the best that Rocklands has to offer, Marijus Šmigelskis managed to get in a quick send of "Royskopp" which is 8A now that a hold broke, altering the sequence. Adam also climbed in Alicedale in the Eastern Cape prior to his vist to Rocklands and managed to open "Ratatouille" and "Morphological", both 8A, and "Mad Man" 8A+. Check out Adam's send of "Ratatouille" below:

In other Rocklands news, Guy Holwill and friends have discovered "The South African Area", a vast new sector in Rocklands which already hosts dozens of problems including a 7C from Michael Janata called "Pronoid". Jon Reading visited the Fields of Joy and sent "Macho King" 7C+, a proud highball roof problem and Benjamin de Charmoy kicked off his three week stay in Rocklands with a fast send of "Pendragon" 8A.

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