Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Western Cape Provincial Lead Climbing Competition

Once a year, each province around South Africa holds their Provincial Lead Competitions in order to select the top five climbers in each age category to represent their province in the National Lead Climbing Competition held annually.

With enormous thanks to City Rock Climbing Gym, Western Cape Climbing held our Provincial Lead Climbing Competitions over three days: Monday 10th March we held the Open Mens and Ladies Qualifiers and Finals; Friday 14th March we held the Youth Category Qualifiers and on Saturday 15th March, we held the Youth Category Finals.

The events were all well attended and supported by other climbers as well as parents and friends. Our officials included the following people:

Jury President: Warren Gans
Judges: Andrea Biffi, Chris Naudè, Jeremy Downing and Catherine Slabber
Belayers: David Gerber, Ricky Travis, Tamryn, Justin Slabber and Jean-Luc
Stewards: Delaney Carpenter and Catherine Slabber
Chief Routesetter: Jean-Luc
Routesetters: Jean-Luc, Ino and Josh

Without the help of the above people, the events would not have run as smoothly as they did.

The winners and top 5 climbers going to Nationals in October to represent the Western Cape are as follows:

U13 Girls:
1. Stacey Sinovich (Gold Medalist)
2. Caroline Brown (Silver Medalist)
3. Eva Contomichalos (Bronze Medalist)
4. Sienna Sawyer
5. Ilona Blijdorp

U13 Boys:
1. Luke Glass (Gold Medalist)
2. Liam Foxcroft (Silver Medalist)
3. Nico Contomichalos (Bronze Medalist)
4. Stephen Glass (Bronze Medalist)
5. Finnian Roberts

U15 Girls:
1. Mikela Sinovich (Gold Medalist)
2. Hannah Robinson (Silver Medalist)

U15 Boys:
1. David Naudè (Gold Medalist)
2. Jake Amaler (Silver Medalist)
3. Daan Halle (Bronze Medalist)
4. Tristan Smith
5. Almero Henning

U17 Girls:
1. Amber van der Kallen (Gold Medalist)

U17 Boys:
1. Sheldon Smith (Gold Medalist)
2. Warwick Reid (Silver Medalist)
3. Jared Robinson (Bronze Medalist)
4. Tiago Costa

U19 Boys:
1. Nic Hyslop (Gold Medalist)

Open Ladies:
1. Rachelle de Charmoy (Gold Medalist)
2. Julia Chen (Silver Medalist)
3. Clara Grant (Bronze Medalist)
4. Kim Hochreiter
5. Elzanne Robinson

Open Mens:
1. Clifford Hakimi (Gold Medalist)
2. Benj de Charmoy (Silver Medalist)
3. Andrea Biffi (Bronze Medalist)
4. Alan Hills
5. Mathieu Schneuwly

Well done to all who participated and see you all at Nationals!

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