Friday, May 27, 2011

EDIT: Seam Project on Crute's Boulder Sent!

CORRECTION: New information has come to light, that the project on Crute's Boulder was in fact opened a few years ago by none other than one of SA's climbing legends, Steve Bradshaw Snr. Steve generally stays out of the limelight and had named the problem "Florence of Arabia" and graded it 7B.

The long-standing central seam project at Crute's Boulder at Topside has been opened by Benjamin de Charmoy in one brief session. Although the line turned out to not be incredibly difficult, it's a good example of how far local bouldering standards have rising since the "golden era" of Topside. Benj named the line "Eurotrip" 7A+, after the mono and slopers featured on the problem, sticking to The Cinema's general naming and sand-bag grading theme.


  1. That's Florence of Arabia, isn't it?

  2. i don't know where florence of arabia is? this was problem C6 in the guide and listed as a project, so maybe you know better? are these two the same climb? apparently there wasn't any chalk on the line when benj and joe went up there.