Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Clinton on the return

Clinton Martinengo is recovering well from a severe shoulder injury. Lately, he's been focusing on the vertical and slab lines at Llandudno to minimise the impact on his healing shoulder. He managed to claim the second ascent of "In The Making", opened by Joe Mohle several years ago. Although the line lacked an official grade, it was widely accepted to be in the 7C or 7C+ region. Clinton managed to do the stand start in one evening session after 3 months of barely any climbing, and returned at dawn to get optimal conditions a few days later to succeed on the sit start.


  1. What goes up the arete to the right of where Clinton started and shares the same finish? 6C/+ I think. Was quite fun.

  2. from the sit start and then directly up the arete, it's called baby shark. think it's given the customary llandudno sandbag grade of 6B.