Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Montagu Mayhem Rock Rally 2014

Register online here by 10th April 2014.

Registration Costs:
Rock Rally only – R120.00 per competitor
Rock Rally + Food – R180.00 per competitor
Rock Rally+T-Shirt – R180.00 per competitor
Rock Rally + Food + T-Shirt – R240.00 per competitor

Please pay into the following bank account:
Standard Bank
Branch: Cape Town
Branch Code: 020009
Account Number: 071556060
Ref: Your Initial + Your Surname + MM14
You need to email your Proof of Payment to mayhem@rock-chicks.co.za with “POP” in the subject title.

If you are only coming for the potjie you don’t need to fill out the form – just make the EFT and email mayhem@rock-chicks.co.za with the “POP Potjie” in the subject title. If you want to guarantee a T-shirt, register immediately as stocks are now limited! For further information, please email mayhem@rock-chicks.co.za.

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