Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where I Stood

Huge news coming from Montagu yesterday afternoon was that the legendary Steve Bradshaw (Senior*) succeeded on his amazing project in Oorlogskloof. Steve bolted the line in 2010, which shares the first 4 bolts of "The Dream I Knew" before branching off rightwards, and has been working it on and off over the past two years. Steve had been coming close for several weeks now, battling the high temps of the Montagu summer, but fortunately it all came together and "Where I Stood" was born. Steve is reluctant to grade the line himself, but those in the know speculate it's in the 34/8c region.
Steve Bradshaw - "Where I Stood"    © Micky Wiswedel
Micky Wiswedel was on hand to capture the magic and has more about it on his blog. Check out some of his screen shots below and look out for the video of the ascent coming soon.

*although this is just a nickname the climbing community gave him as there is another younger talented South African climber by the same name, but with no actual relation).

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