Monday, January 16, 2012

Micky rides the wave!

Micky Wiswedel claimed arguably his best send to date with "Point Break" 29/30 going down over the weekendin Montagu. He'd been close to success for a few sessions, but had actually given up for the day and was just going up to clean his quickdraws when something clicked and he simply cruised to the chains.
Micky on "Point Break", pic by L. Lundemo

Staying in Montagu, Marc Efune is quickly running out of routes to do at the Scoop after his ascent of "Catholic Schoolgirls Rule" 30. Only three or four remain til he's ticked off the entire crag...

Over briefly to Boven, where Andrew Pedley confirmed the downgrade of the future classic, "Raptophilia" down one notch to 31.

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