Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekly Fix

Montagu is starting to see some action as various climbers from around the country descend upon the small Karoo town. Illona Pelser got the ball rolling with a fast send of "Whoa She Poopie", a route with much speculation about it's grade (which ranges from 28 to 30 depending on whether you use the rest ledge and which holds you use or don't use for the upper crux). Illona took the conservative approach and took 28 for it.

On the bouldering front back in Cape Town, Benjamin de Charmoy is making a strong recovery from his shoulder injury with a one ascent of the classic "Mintberry Crunch" 8A, and the second ascent of the 7C stand start to the "Sangoma" project, opened a few days prior by Marijus Šmigelskis.

Arjan de Kock hiked up to The Hole in 30 degree heat and managed to make a 2nd try, 2nd ascent of "Life Enhancement Program" 31, a route which features some of the most bizzare and unique moves on the peninsula.

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