Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Five Ten Video Comp!

Cutloose Climbing and Five Ten South Africa are bringing you a new monthly video competition. Submit a video of you or your friends sending projects or just generally busting mad sickness and stand a chance to win your pick of any Five Ten shoe you fancy!

The procedure is pretty simple:
STEP 1: go do something cool.
STEP 2: film it!
STEP 3: edit your footage with some classy beats.
STEP 4: contact us for info how to submit/upload your movie.

The best movies will be shortlisted and uploaded to the Cutloose videos page, where you and your friends will have a chance to vote for your favourite one. The community vote and the vote of a panel of judges will decide on the winning video each month.


  1. questions:
    1) who are the judges?
    2) restrictions on file size?
    3) obviously favours those with hd equipment.. any chance for hd and non-hd categories?
    4) rights to videos? do cutloose and/or 5.10 get the rights to the videos with submission, or do we still retain them?

    very very rad idea.kudos on getting it off the ground :)

  2. 1) there are two stages of votes; a community vote and also a small panel of judges from Cutloose/5.10

    2)no real restrictions on the file size, we will take care of the uploading if your file is too large. the only loose restriction is the length of the clip - try keep it to under 10mins.

    3) a sweet SD video can and will beat an average video in HD. This isn't a "who has a cooler camera comp". Editing and content is more important at this stage. However, HD would be highly preferable.

    4) Cutloose/5.10 will have the rights to the videos that are shortlisted to the finals, you will obviously be acknowledged for your work where necessary.