Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Arjan & Marijus in Topside

Echo Valley is quickly becoming the epicentre of the Cape Town bouldering scene with many new lines and projects popping up. Marijus Šmigelskis made the second ascent of "The Midnight Barber" 8A (a line he had originally opened from a slightly higher start) and Arjan de Kock flashed "Mintberry Crunch" 8A and climbed the "Cthulhu" stand start at 7C+. Marijus also established "Cheekbone" 7C after the original problem lost most of it's crux crimp resulting in a much harder line.

Moving to The Cinema, the duo also claimed the 2nd and 3rd ascents of "The Life Aquatic" 7C+.


  1. Marijus you are the only person that goes there! That makes you the epicentre of Cape Town bouldering :)

  2. how would a trad climber know where everyone is bouldering in cape town joe?

    go top-rope your silly single pitch trad routes on TM and leave the real climbing to the big boys :P

  3. Mudslinging won't get you to the summit. In any case Joe's summits are barely more significant than the M's silly boulder "summits". Why not try a real sport like boxing? I have a pair of gloves for you to settle the score.

  4. haha good idea henk. joe? let's settle this like real men :P

    according to hemingway, the only three real sports that exist are bullfighting, motor racing and climbing!