Sunday, April 27, 2008

National Boulder League 2008

National Finals took place in Harrismith at Eagle Mountain (previously known as Mount Everest) on 26 April, the problems were top class and it is definitely an area worth returning to.. The results are as follows:

Mens Open
1. Edvinas Smigelskis WP
2. Herman Lombard NW
3. Benjamin de Charmoy KZN
4. Mathieu Schneuwly KZN
5. Donovan Willis MP
6. Andrew Wood WP
7. William Fleming GP (JHB)
8. Trent Burnett KZN
9. Jeremy Hewett WP
10. Damian Chatteris KZN

Ladies Open
1. Dominique Dix-peek GP (JHB)
2. Illona Pelser GP (PTA)
3. Julia Chen WP
4. Debbie Mulder GP (JHB)
5. Bridgitte Lourent KZN
6. Rachelle de Charmoy KZN
7. Ilse GP (PTA)
8. Catherine Beneke GP (JHB)
9. Elme GP (PTA)
10. Emma Boyd GP (JHB)

Boys U18
1. Willem Potgieter GP (PTA)
2. Diedeleff Gertenback GP (PTA)

Girls U18
1. Candice Bagley KZN
2. Jasmin Pillay KZN
3. Kate Fairfield WP

A big thank you to Dave and Sean and the rest of the team who organised an awesome weekend as well as Mount Everest Game Lodge/Resort for hosting everyone!

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