Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lots from Echo

At Topside, in Echo Valley, Marijus Šmigelskis opened two new problems at the Cape Fear boulders "Test Tube" 7A and "Scirocco" 7A+. At Bonnydoon, Julia Chen sent "Two Stroke" 7A and Marijus opened the project on the back of the "Serenity" boulder which climbs out the roof through bulges and slopers. The problem is named "The Buoyancy of Citrus" and is hard for 7C+. Edvinas Smigelskis also managed to get the 3rd ascent of "Captain Graffiti" 8A and just 30 minutes later, he made the 2nd ascent of the super reachy "Pudgy Bitch" 7C+. Then even more surprisingly, Marijus Smigelskis made the 3rd ascent immediately after, with only 20 minutes of work on the problem.

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